signIn a busy, complex world where people have difficulty finding their way along crowded concrete highways, it is no surprise that they also have difficulty finding their way through the maze of life.

There are very clear road signs to follow along our highways, but unfortunately too many people depend on the neon signs and glitzy billboards for directions.  This often leads to distractions and "side trips" that just aren't worth the time, effort, and money.

Those who built the concrete highways put road signs there for our benefit. They are our "official" guideposts to enable us to reach our destination. We know when the road sign says "Exit Next Right for Memphis, Tennessee," we can depend on it. The road signs of life are even more dependable. They are put in place by the one who built the road of life — God Himself (the I Am). This web site is designed to introduce you to the I Am. He truly is The Way; hence our web address is

 I Am the Way is divided into three main sections: Theology & Publications, The Cross Ministry, and The Voice of the Evangelist.

The Crucifixion and Death of a Man Called JesusTheology and Publications establishes the Biblical basis for my views as a Christian. I am a practicing physician and not a seminary graduate. My special interest relates to the crucifixion. I have published (in a peer-reviewed medical journal) two articles in which I discuss the medical aspects of the crucifixion, both of which are available here. Some of my studies on the crucifixion were featured on The History Channel's presentation, Crucifixion, for the 2008 Easter season.

Also within Theology & Publications is information about a book I wrote entitled, The Crucifixion and Death of a Man Called Jesus: From the Eyes of a Physician. The book is apologetic in nature and is a more inclusive look at the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus than are the two articles and the History Channel presentation.

The Cross Ministry provides details and scheduling information for the multimedia presentation of the crucifixion that we do in churches and civic centers around the country. The Lord has blessed, and with a bus and crew of 12 we have been invited to do our presentation from Winter Haven, FL, to Fredericksburg, VA, to Dayton, OH, to Phoenix, AZ, and all in between. No charge or expenses are required of anyone scheduling a presentation. We only ask that a love offering be taken.

The Voice of the EvangelistThe Voice of the Evangelist section features my work as a bi-vocational evangelist with the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists. I am the managing editor of COSBE Publishing which produces a magazine entitled, The Voice of the Evangelist. Browse this section of our site for an overview crown of thornsof each issue, information about advertising in the magazine, or to purchase back issues.

I am also available for speaking engagements. Please contact me for additional information.